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Education in STI ecosystem

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    Strengthening technology base for education


    Human Resources is a key component of the STI ecosystem. From class 8 upwards, school education STEM programmes need to be updated and improved in quality, including by the use of best quality MOOCs to give the students a solid conceptual in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.including videos ofkey experimental setups. Spirit of inquiry and analysis should be encouraged. The Atal Innovation Labs should be reinforced. The practice of the IB system of having a Theory of Knowledge paper (a kind of thesis project) at Grade 12 should be followed.
    At University level, STEM courses should also be updated, high quality MOOCs used, and Choice Based Credit system transferable across institutions in India and abroad should be introduced. An Indian Educational Area similar to the EU’s European Education area (under the Bologna Process) should be set up under which all University level Indian institutions can be included on a voluntary basis. This will facilitate mobility across India of students, researchers, and faculty and lead to overall improvement in quality , and national integration. Indian Universities should meet a minimum standard level of research and research activity should be an important criterion for rankings. At second year and upwards, undergraduates may be encouraged to participate in research activities, including during summer vacations. Talented Undergraduates in the last year should be tracked and mentored for a research and innovation career path, including working in Indian R & D establishments while pursuing Ph D.
    Ph D students should be listed in an online database so that prospective employers and research institutions can tap this resource fort projects in India. This database should be open to NRI/PIO Ph D students abroad as well. The basic idea is to retain and attract high quality STEM graduates to work in India as far as possible.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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