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Open Accountable Science Engagement

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    This is a proposal to develop the SCIENCE eco-system in India in line with the agile INVESTMENT MODEL used in Finance.
    An Independent Regulator — Funding Record Keeper — Science Ventures — Scientific Facilities — Scientific People — Patents — Results

    Its overlap to Finance system is SEBI — NSDL/CSDL — Registered Companies — Company Resources — Products

    In this proposed system: The stake-holders shall have a fast and responsive playing field, active participation in S&T. They are: i) Companies that Invest in S&T; ii) R&T Institutes; iii) S&T Personnel; iv) Education System; and v) GoI & Public

    WHY this system?
    1. It makes Science a VENTURE not a docile Government engagement
    2. It creates a systematic VISIBILITY and TRACEABILITY
    3. Optimize the Resources (Equipment and People) to Problems and Results
    4. Opens for DATA INTENSIVE SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY (DISD or 4th Paradigm Science)

    INDIA needs to become OWNER of Technology and take significant leadership by making SCIENCE PERFORM and tie to Manufacturing and Service.

    This is a complete OVERHAUL of the SYSTEM of SCIENCE in the COUNTRY with LONG-TERM impact towards Quality and Quantity

    Problem Statement:
    1. India is largely a “Consumer” of Technology and a meagre “Producer” or “Owner”
    2. S&T achievements are competitively far behind China. A system of mediocracy operates.
    3. S&T performance is part of the overall INDIAN System with some ‘Wicked Problems’
    4. National Data Repository is set of Data-files (NOT DATABASES. I have an RTI reply to this)
    5. There is no inventory of Scientific Equipment, their utilization, operational efficiency. Need to Create Science from Science Equipment and keep it VISIBLE in database
    6. S&T needs to assimilate the INDUSTRY at large
    7. Bring YOUNG INDIA to access the SCIENCE at all the Institutes and Centers in a organized manner
    8. Make Science VISIBLE and TRACEABLE.

    This is the NEW 2020 SCIENCE PARADIGM — India needs to take it to become a PERFORMING EXCELLING SCIENCE society!

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