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STI Governance

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    STI Governance


    SCIENCE gets Investment and Development MAINLY from Government sources

    S&T investments in Private sector are always INTERNAL looking and never made OPEN
    S&T institutes in Private sector (cooperative) are few and modest

    Public Sector R&D Institutes, CSIR, RR Labs, IITs, Universities, DRDL, etc. — MAIN S&T Infrastructure of India

    All are directly funded by Government

    PROPOSAL for STI Governance
    1. OPEN the S&T Space like COMMERCE Space
    2. A mapping of Industry/Commerce to Science is as follows:
    i) DST == SEBI
    ii) National Data Repository == NSDL/CSDL – DP
    iii) Institutes R&D Centers == Companies (listed companies)
    iv) Scientific Facilities == Company Infrastructure
    v) Scientific Projects == Company Product line
    vi) Govt/Private Investor == INstitutional Investor in Stocks
    vii) Scientists == Skilled Industrial Professional force

    3. This makes the entire system AGILE and OPEN for SCRUTINY.
    4. FUNDS will flow in any OPEN, Transparent, INTEGRITY, Performing System

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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