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Call for Contributions

We invite contributions in form of technical and popular articles, commentaries as well as opinion pieces from scholars, academics, researchers, policy makers and practitioners on science policy related themes. Reviews of latest publications – books, monographs, reports – are also welcome. The Science Policy forum is open to capture updates on any institutional upcoming events. For editorial information, contributions, feedback and comments, write to us on content@thesciencepolicyforum.org

Guidelines for Authors 

  1. Submissions should contain institutional affiliation and contact details of author(s), including email address, contact number, etc. Kindly email your submissions to content@thesciencepolicyforum.org 
  2. Manuscripts should be prepared in MS-Word version, using double spacing, in Times Roman, 12. The word count for manuscripts (like, articles, book reviews, report reviews, etc.) may range between 1500- 2,000 words.
  3. Use‘s’ in ‘-ise’ ‘-isation’ words; e.g., ‘civilise’, ‘organisation’. Use British spellings rather than American spellings. Thus, ‘labour’ not ‘labor’.
  4. Use figures (rather than word) for quantities and exact measurements including percentages (2 per cent, 3 km, 36 years old, etc.). In general descriptions, numbers below 10 should be spelt out in words. Use thousands, millions, billions, not lakhs and crores. Use fuller forms for numbers and dates— for example 1980-88, pp. 200-202 and pp. 178-84.
  5. Specific dates should be cited in the form June 2, 2004. Decades and centuries may be spelt out, for example ‘the eighties’, ‘the twentieth century’, etc.
  6. References:

A list of references cited in the manuscript and prepared as per the Harvard style specified below, should be appended at the end of the manuscript. References must be typed in double space, and should be arranged in alphabetical order by the surname of the first author. In case more than one work by the same author(s) is cited, then arrange them chronologically by year of publication. All references should be embedded in the text in the anthropological style–for example ‘(Hirschman 1961)’ or ‘(Lakshman 1989:125)’ (Note: Page numbers in the text are necessary only if the cited portion is a direct quote). Footnotes are required, as per the discussions in the paper/article.

Citation should be first alphabetical and then chronological–for example ‘Rao 1999a, 1999b’. More than one reference of the same date for one author should be cited as ‘Shand 1999a, 1999b’. The following examples illustrate the detailed style of referencing:

(a) Books: Hirschman, A. O. 1961. Strategy of Economic Development. New Haven: Yale University Press.

(b) Edited volumes: Shand, Ric (ed.). 1999. Economic Liberalisation in South Asia. Delhi: Macmillan.

(c) Articles from edited volumes: Lakshman, W. D. 1989. “Lineages of Dependent Development: From State Control to the Open Economy in Sri Lanka” in Ponna Wignaraja and Akmal Hussain (eds) The Challenge in South Asia: Development, Democracy and Regional Cooperation, pp. 105-63. New Delhi: Sage.

 (d) Articles from Journals: Rao, M.G., K. P. Kalirajan and R. T. Shand. 1999. “Convergence of Income across Indian States: A Divergent View”. Economic and Political Weekly, 34(13): pp. 769-78. 

(e) Unpublished Work: Sandee, H. 1995. “Innovations in Production”. Unpublished Ph.D thesis. Amsterdam: Free University.

(f) Online Reference: World Health Organisation. 2000. “Development of National Policy on Traditional Medicine”. Retrieved on March 31, 2011 from http://www.wpro.who.int/sites/trm/documents/Development +of+National+Policy+on+Traditional+Medicine.html

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