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Albert Einstein once said “The greatest scientists are artists as well”. With a view to seek inputs in creative ways towards the formulation of the STIP 2020, we are happy to announce an Ideathon. The Ideathon is a competition where participants are encouraged to share any concept or ideas related to their views about the STI ecosystem and what/how the policy should be addressing it. This can be in any creative form of expression- text, visual (graphic / images / illustrations), short-video clips, model, full length article, comic, cartoon etc without any barriers of format to enable out of the box thinking. There is absolutely no limitation on the mode or language to be used. This would enable students, teachers, professionals and even the general public to communicate their expectations of the STI policy through the theme “Vision 2040”

Why “Vision 2040” ?

Your vision of India in 2040 would give STIP2020 policymakers an idea about your expectations from the policy. This way, while you express your talent and creativity,  they would try to meet the aspirations of the public by making suitable changes in the policy document. A win-win situation for all!! 

Who can take part?

The competition is open to all Indian citizens of all ages. There is no restriction on the size of the writing or form of expression. It could be in any Indian language

What can you submit ?

You are welcome to submit any science policy related idea/ opinion/ views based on the theme “Vision 2040”  that would help policy makers with the drafting of STIP 2020. These include, but not limited to:

  1. A feature article
  2. A recorded podcast with good audible audio. You can record it with your phone.
  3. An infographic
  4. A cartoon
  5. An illustration 
  6. An opinionated blog article
  7. A bunch of innovative social media posts about a recently written article
  8. A video 
  9. An interview
  10. A script/ play
  11. Anything under the sun that would enhance science policy

So let your imagination wander… Let your creativity emerge… and Let your ideas shine!!!

All entries would be evaluated by a great jury based on creativity, profoundness of the idea expressed, innovation and its relevance to the topic “Vision 2040”. The shortlisted entries would be showcased on the public domain to serve as a snapshot of what the nation aspires to achieve through STIP 2020. 

Exciting Prizes!!. 

We have some fabulous prizes to be given out to the 50 selected ideas. Prizes will be given under 3 categories:

  1. Below 14 years
  2. 15-18 years
  3. 19 and above

Terms and conditions

  • The idea must be original and should not be copied in either full or part. If it is noticed at any point of time that the idea is not original the entry will be disqualified and the applicant will be debarred from the contest.
  • The decision of the organizers will be final and binding.
  • The applicants should provide current, complete and accurate information as required in the registration form.
  • The applicants are encouraged to regularly check their email and peep into this page for announcements or updates.
  • Only the selected applicants will be notified by email. It is the responsibility of the applicant to check their emails regularly around the date of results which will be announced on the website shortly. The selected applicants who do not respond to the notification of selected email will not be followed up further after a waiting period of three days.
  • To encourage greater participation, we would keep the competition open for both individuals and groups with a maximum of 4 members. The details of the group leader needs to be filled in the google forms. The names of the other members can be mentioned along with your submission.

How to submit your entries:

Just fill up the details on the Google Forms and your idea would reach us –  https://forms.gle/LrHfG1qfw4zeEPVb9 

Note: The Google forms accepts the following formats- document, spreadsheet, PDF, video, presentation, drawing, image, audio. The maximum file size allowed on the form is 1 GB. (Only in case your file is larger than the allowed size of 1 GB you may upload it on google drive and paste the link on the form)

Last date to receive entries:

Submit your ideas on/before 7 August, 2020. Don’t miss the date. We don’t want to see you cry!

For any further clarifications feel free to write to us at stipvision2040@gmail.com and we will be happy to help!

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