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How do you clear a paper jam on a Canon mx432?

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    Printer errors are not uncommon. However, they can be very alarming, mainly when you’re working in a hurry—the Canon printer error code 5100 is a Cartridge carriage error.

    This post will show you how to fix Canon Error Code 5100 on printers: Cartridge Carriage error. If you’re experiencing printing issues, check our section on printer guides.

    What is the Canon Error Code 5100 for Printers?

    Canon Printer Error Code 5100 is among the most frequent errors found on Canon printers. If your Canon printer isn’t printing pages, and the display displayed on its Canon Printer will show the error code 5100, it is a problem with your carriage for your cartridge.

    When the carriage of your printer’s printer becomes unbalanced, then the printer will not be able to function correctly. There are a variety of causes for Error 5100 on Your error code 5100 canon pixma mx432.

    The primary reason for this problem is the high amount of foreign particles or the presence of excessively protective tape within it.

    Symptoms Of Error Code 5100 Canon

    A few significant signs point to the issue of error code 5100 Canon. Therefore, if you’d like to be aware of the reasons the reason that Error Code 5100 Canon printer happens, check out the following article:

    • Timing strip for the printer begins to appear: If your printer faces the problem of Error 5100, The timing strip on the printer will begin appearing. It’s a little unclear and odd.

    In the previous article, we’ve looked at the symptoms that suggest your printer is experiencing the problem of Canon Error 5100.

    Problems are printing photographs and documents: If your machine causes problems when printing the photos and documents, you may find that you are experiencing Error 5100.

    • Alarm lamp that flashes orange Flashing alarm lamp with orange color your printer’s alarm does start flashing orange. It could be causing the error 5100 within your Canon printer.
    • Alternately flashing of the power lamp: When your printer can resolve the problem of uncertain dust, your printer can achieve Error 5100, and the power lamp starts flashing differently.
    • Fine ink cartridges shift away from their position.-If the cartridges in your inkjets shift from their original location, and your printer may start to create problems for the printing process. This is a sign your printer is experiencing the issue of Error 5100.

    Why Does Error Code 5100 on Canon Printers Manifest?

    In the previous section, we discussed Canon Error 5100 and its signs. If you’re experiencing this issue, you need to gain the correct knowledge of why it is happening. This information will allow you to stay safe from Canon Printer Error 5100.

    Let’s look at the causes behind why Canon Printer Error 5100 occurs on Your canon ip7220 error code b200.

    • If you do not take care to clean the exterior of your printer regularly and the dust becomes stuck inside your printer, the printer will show the error code 5100.
    • Not just the outer, but if you’d like to protect yourself from Canon error 5100, you should also ensure the cleansing of the internal parts within the printing device.
    • If the cartridges for ink for your printer aren’t genuine or you’re using cheap cartridges, you also have the problem of Error 5100 within your printer.
    • If dirt is stuck inside the head of the printer on your printer, it’s also possible that your printer could start to display Error 5100.
    • If the dimensions are not appropriate or suitable for printing, you could face the issue of Error 5100 on your printer.
    • An obstruction that causes an issue in the path of your printer can cause Error 5100.
    • Sometimes, the incorrect installation of ink cartridges within the printer can cause Error 5100. Make sure, before you put the cartridges into your printer, that the cartridges for ink are correctly installed.
    • If your paper is stuck inside the printer, you could face the issue of Error 5100.
    • If FINE Cartridges aren’t genuine, that is the reason behind Error 5100.
    • If you are having issues regarding the absorber on your printer, then you might be experiencing the problem of Error 5100.

    This is the most likely and significant cause of Canon printer error 5100. If you have identified one of your printer’s issues and want to find the most effective solution, then stay with us.


    After examining the introduction and the causes, symptoms, and explanations that lead to the problem of Error 5100 appearing in the printer you use, it’s time to look for solutions. Check out the following content to find your printer’s most suitable solutions for Error 5100.

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