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Innovation and Enterpreneurship

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    There is very less focus on practical of science in the school not even in private school who are taking 1L per annum. There is initiative like Atal tinkering lab in this area. It need a special attention to improve innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Who are the supplier of the kit in Atal tinkering lab? What is the improvement on the content of kit over time? How can an enthusiastic individual student can explore above Atal tinkering lab to get real knowledge of science?

    Science Student should not only focus to qualify for a entrance to get into a premier institute to get a better job. Many potential graduates are moving for job to another area from their specialization during study. There is no much syllabus / curriculum on the entrepreneurship related to their specialisation. All institute are giving a list of student they have done placement in company. Its fine but no list for entrepreneurial student

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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