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Science behind the gravity and solar system

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    Good day,

    I mathematically & theoretically solved how the entire solar system hangs in space including Sun and earth. With the same science UFO spaceship works. I can prove it if given an opportunity. USA govt also recently accepted the UFOs were real with proof of images. We can overcome time & space with this science.

    I imagine science will overcome some basic laws in near future where we were restricted to use under gravity. As science cannot be controlled under gravity.

    As the economy is completely driven by science, according to me defying gravity and producing free energy without fossil fuels will be the role of science in near future. By this we can unlock innovation in deep tech sector. This will make India the pioneer in science and resulting with greater economic growth.

    Please give me an opportunity to prove it with proof of concept and a model to make UFOs. I can make an object fly just by altering gravitational fields around it and without any air propulsion or using fossil fuels.

    Thank you

    Murali Krishna

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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